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Climate Change Education for school subject

What’s it all about?

Climate change refers to the world-wide warming of the earth’s climate, resulting from an increase in the amounts of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Controlling climate change requires immediate action, but also continuous efforts during decades to come. Thus, it is essential that we study the phenomenon of climate change as early on as grade school.

Why make it a school subject?

The initiative proposes that secondary school students study Climate Change Education (CCE) as a continuation of elementary school environmental studies. The new subject would gather all climate change related perceptions and the central ambitions of CCE under one entity.

Climate change related issues are already taught at school, but the topic is fragmented and dealt with under dfferent subjects. As a result, students find it challenging to form a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon. Were CCE taught as its own subject, it could secure appropriate importance for understanding the issue, controlling climate change and adapting to its consequences.

The aim is that climate change related issues are dealt with in a logical order and within an atmosphere that encourages students to acquaint with the topic, rather than feel anxious about it. Simultaneously students learn to both understand climate change and apply the know-how they have mastered.


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Want to know more about climate change?

There’s plenty of research available on climate change, its consequences and the means to control it. Please find additional information about climate change as a phenomenon behind these links: IPCC Special Report (in English)
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